Build Love has a history of serving groups and people who are at risk of developing severe cases of COVID-19, and we take concerns about spreading the virus very seriously. Since COVID-19 precautions became a serious concern to our 2020 projects, the Build Love Team has been thinking long and hard about how we can respond. We looked at information from Public Health Canada, considered the effects on our sponsors, and checked in with what we felt was the right thing to do before making this decision.

Ultimately, we decided that the best thing to do for 2020 is to press pause. Specifically because we love our community, we believe the best way to serve it right now is to do everything in our power to push the curve on this pandemic. That affects our ability to hold large fundraising events, such as our Kick Off and movie nights, and our ability to bring together all the people it takes to make a project like our yearly build happen.

To be fair to our potential recipients, our sponsors, our team, and everyone else touched by Build Love, this was the only decision we could make in the face of so much uncertainty.

But that doesn’t mean we are going anywhere! We will use the next several months to talk to our communities about how each of us can make a difference, to strengthen our team, to prepare for our 2021 project, and find whatever ways we can to improve our community. We will continue to build love, maybe in different ways, but certainly expanding that love to encompass our healthcare system and workers and even the global community.

Keep watching our social media and join our mailing list to stay on top of what is to come, now that we can unleash our superpowers in new and different ways for the deserving people of Regina.


The Build Love Family