Build Love is about taking care of our community. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all had to apply that care differently, but it’s remained steady. We made the difficult decision to pause our 2020 season just as the pandemic was beginning to spread in Canada, and spent the rest of the year hoping we could come back in 2021 stronger than ever.

Unfortunately, COVID continues to keep us from doing the community events that make up the bulk of our fundraising. Those events help us raise money and build connections, and we miss them terribly. But until we can gather safely again, those fundraising events just aren’t possible.

As much as we’d hoped that we could do another project in 2021, the most responsible choice for our community is to stay paused. We want our community to stay safe and healthy, and for now that means waiting a little longer before we gear back up for the next build.

We appreciate all the love and support Regina has shown us, and we are already looking forward to when we can get back to putting the “build” in Build Love.


The Build Love Family