620 CKRM: Build love begins renovation process at Gorski household

Build love held their breaking barriers ceremony at the Gorski household.

Several contractors, tradespeople and sponsors helped break down a wall to officially begin renovations to Bonnie Gorski’s home, who is unable to move around in her house due to MS.

Co-founder Brandon Fuchs said the breaking barriers ceremony is an important process.

“The breaking barriers ceremony symbolizes an opportunity for our trades to remove some barriers that the Gorski’s have been struggling with for several years,” Fuchs said. “Each individual trade got one of our Build Love sledgehammers and helped break down a wall.”

Fuchs said the projects Build Love have participated in have inspired others to do good.

“A lot of our community members have reached out to try to figure out how they could Build Love in the community, so what I really like is we’re not only providing this family with this insane renovation, but we also have learned that people inside of our community are trying to find ways that they can pay it forward.”

The renovations to the home will be done in the fall.

Source: 620 CKRM