Build Love’s Vienna Kennedy Plants Garden in SaskAbilities Planter Box

Hello #LoveBuilders

Do you recall BuildLove’s partnership with SaskAbilities – Partners in Employment Regina for the Build Love Fundraising Auction in October 2018? Well we have an update.


The auction hosted two pieces: Dog House & Planter Box, made with love, hand crafted by people who live with disabilities who are employed at the #SaskAbilities – Partners in Employment Regina Region Wood Shop. 100% of the proceeds generated from these two hand-crafted items helped fund The Kennedy Build Love 2018 Campaign.

The auction items were duplicated for the Kennedy family & incorporated into the landscaping design. So Vienna received her very own planter’s box. We recently received some beautiful photos of Vienna planting a garden in her spruce planter box.

This beautiful moment is made possible by local organizations coming together to build love together. We are grateful to SaskAbilities for donating to Build Love and to the Kennedy family. SaskAbilities manufactures durable and well-made wood products suitable for commercial and industrial use. If you have a custom wood project, contact a SaskAbilities branch local to you for a quote and discuss design specifications and budget while supporting an organization that invests in community. In addition to woodworking SaskAbilities offers many products and services, the purchasing of which helps support those with disabilities and gives back to the community.

This collaboration between Build Love and SaskAbilities is part of the effort to celebrate diversity in the workforce during Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM).

  • MYTH: People experiencing disabilities cannot keep a job for very long.
  • TRUTH: Studies have shown that the retention rate for people experiencing disability is 20% higher than the average. This, in turn, leads to reduced business costs in regards to employee turnover.
  • MYTH: People experiencing disabilities have higher absenteeism.
  • TRUTH: 86% of employees with disabilities had an average or better rate of work attendance.
  • MYTH: People experiencing disabilities could get hurt and I don’t have time to babysit them.
  • TRUTH: 97% of workers with disabilities had an average or better safety rating.

Together we can change the perspective about hiring those who live with disability and dispel the employment myths. We hope by dispelling these myths that you are encouraged to examine how you support SaskAbilities and improve diversity in the workplace.

Build Love brings the community together to improve the quality of life for someone living with permanent non-typical challenges in any way we can. Currently we only take up one campaign project per year, but we support our local community all year long. How do you build love in your community?

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