620 CKRM: Gorski family chosen for next Build Love project

Build Love has selected their second project that they will be taking part in.

This year they will be making the Gorski’s family home more accessible for Bonnie Gorski, who has Multiple Sclerosis.

Bonnie said with her disease, she is unable to move around in her home.

“My mobility went down hill quite quickly so right now I don’t have any mobility in my legs, my husband mostly carries me around, or my boys if he’s not available.”

Bonnie’s husband Stuart said it’s been a family effort to ensure she has what she needs.

“Everybody has had to step up their game a little bit, especially my sons, 15 and 16 year-old boys shouldn’t have to be carrying their mom to the bathroom or doing those everyday things that we take for granted,” Stuart said. “Just in the last little while here, it’s a disease that you don’t get better, it’s not like there’s a magic pill that you can take to get better.”

Co-founder of Build Love Trevor Anderson said with MS rates high in Saskatchewan, this story impacted everyone in the organization.

“As part of that, we obviously felt that it hits really close to home,” Anderson said. “Most of us know somebody that struggles with that disease and like I said it really hits quite close to home for us.”

The renovations will take about 12 weeks to complete and will begin in July. The Gorski’s will be moving out of their home briefly in that time.

Source: 620 CKRM