Global News: Regina family selected for free home renovation after MS diagnosis

Over the last five years, Bonnie Gorski’s home has felt more like a prison than a place to call home.

“It’s pretty hard for me to even look out the window because I’m sitting in one spot all day,” Gorski said.

The 50-year-old from Regina has lost full mobility in both her legs after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Gorski says it’s been a slow and painful progression.

“My husband mostly carries me around, or my sons if he’s not available,” Gorski said. “I sit in a chair in the kitchen between 13 and 15 hours a day.”

In recent years, getting around her home has become more of a struggle, which left the family considering long-term care.

Gorski is unable to enter and move throughout the current layout of her home without assistance, so a local group of volunteers have stepped in to help.

The Gorski family was selected for a free, top-to-bottom home renovation by Build Love.

The community initiative was established last year to help local families in need.

“We are trying to provide a renovation to make the lives of the family easier,” said co-founder Trevor Anderson.

The renovation plan includes additions to the bathroom, kitchen and living space to make the home wheelchair friendly and more accessible.

“It’s just an amazing gift that everyone has put this whole thing together for us,” said Gorski’s husband, Stuart Gorski.

Despite the challenges of their newfound reality, the family says they’re looking forward to living in a place they can truly call home.

“It’s the little things that people take for granted all the time. It’s just going to make a world of difference to me,” Gorski said. “I’m just happy I get to stay.”

Construction on the home is set to begin in the coming months and volunteers are needed.

Source: Global News