Global News: Regina family’s ‘Build Love’ home renovation officially underway

One Regina family’s home is about to be usable by all those who reside, as Build Love has officially kicked off the Gorski family’s home renovations.

Bonnie Gorski is a mother of two and wife to Stuart. She has Multiple Sclerosis and her condition is worsening, having lost all mobility in her legs.

The family of four was chosen by Build Love for its yearly renovation project, and with the organization’s annual “Breaking Barriers Ceremony” on Wednesday, demolition on the home is officially underway.

And it couldn’t have come soon enough.

“Bonnie hasn’t been in her basement, Bonnie can’t go through her front door, and she can’t go in her living room,” said Brandon Fuchs, co-founder of Build Love. “My goal is to give her the ability to do all of that.

“There are a lot of barriers inside of this place.”

The Gorskis have moved into their temporary rental home as the construction goes on, and it’s expected to take three months, according to Fuchs.

The project is worth $500,000 and the figure is completely by donations from local companies and entrepreneurs.

But the work doesn’t stop at money. The Gorski’s new home will be finished with volunteer time, as well.

“In a time of a bit of a recession, it’s really incredible that our city and sponsors have the ability to step up in a time like this to complete such a large renovation,” Fuchs said.

“Some of our suppliers are donating thousands of dollars in time and material to provide this amazing gift.

The gift of accessibility doesn’t go unappreciated. Bonnie said she “won the lottery of love” when she was chosen as 2019’s recipient.

“The love [Build Love]’s project gives me is what I needed,” she said.

Fuchs said the generosity behind the project makes Regina’s community a better place.

“We’re learning that not only can we provide the Gorskis with an incredible gift, we can empower other people inside of our community to build love outside of just this project.”

Source: Global News