CTV News: Woman Living With Multiple Sclerosis Gifted Remodeled Home

Bonnie and Stuart Gorski had their first look at their remodeled home after three months of work by the Built Love Project.

“It’s unbelievable, it’s beautiful, you just can’t put it into words,” Bonnie Gorski said.

Bonnie lives with Multiple Sclerosis and was chosen as this year’s Build Love recipient.

Hundreds of volunteers came out throughout the build and many were on hand to celebrate the Gorskis heading back into their home. The family can’t believe the support they’ve received.

“It’s just amazing how much of your friends that come out to help you out,” Stuart Gorski said. “It’s so unexpected, and expected, that this many people would care about us to come and do all this stuff for us.”

Prior to being selected to receive a remodel of their house, Bonnie was confined to one floor on the split level home. Now, the entire house, as well as the front and back yards, is wheelchair accessible.

Build Love Project co-founder Brandon Fuchs says being able to give back to a family in this way is why they started the project last year.

“We’ve put together a group of people and entrepreneurs that all have a skill and ability and we’ve taken a little bit of that skill and ability and applied it to giving back to somebody else, so for me it’s seeing that smile and seeing that expression that the talents that I have can be paid forward,” Fuchs said.

Bonnie’s condition has been deteriorating over the past few years as she battles Multiple Sclerosis. She says the changes to the house will change her life.

“It was either do a lot of renovations or go to a home care facility, so this is going to give us a lot of longevity to be able to stay in my house with my family,” Bonnie said.

The Gorskis will now be settling into their remodeled house and start making it their home again

Source: CTV News